How to Implement the Principles of Lean Construction Using 3 Strategies

The principles of lean construction represent the contemporary ideology that aims to increase productivity and efficiency. It is a broad mindset that forward-thinking builders have adapted to eliminate the construction process elements that are unnecessary and increase profit.  Essentially, lean construction has a high-level overview when it comes to a construction project. It involves the […]

How Technology Enhances Collaboration in Design and Construction

Collaboration is important when it comes to infrastructure design and the entire construction process. Unfortunately, email is no longer a sufficient collaboration tool on its own. Contractors want to discuss different ideas and keep track of progress. They also need to share feedback. Technology provides great ways of collaborating in design and construction processes. Here […]

Homeowner’s Responsibility When Working with a Contractor

Homeowner’s Responsibility When Working with a Contractor Hiring a reputable and professional contractor with vast experience is a great step towards the right direction. But, if you have not worked with a professional contractor before, you might not know the dynamics of a contractor-customer relationship. Here is a breakdown of your responsibility when working with […]