Homeowner’s Responsibility When Working with a Contractor

Homeowner’s Responsibility When Working with a Contractor

Hiring a reputable and professional contractor with vast experience is a great step towards the right direction. But, if you have not worked with a professional contractor before, you might not know the dynamics of a contractor-customer relationship. Here is a breakdown of your responsibility when working with a contractor.

Be Clear and Precise About What Exactly You Want

Don’t be afraid to make your expectations and needs clear to the contractor. Clients with well-defined and realistic goals end up being more satisfied. Therefore, make sure that the contractor knows your expectations from the moment you meet them. Once the contractor comes up with a contract, read it carefully and discuss details. Ask any question regarding the project and contract. Remember, it’s your money and project. Therefore, make sure that you understand everything and that the work is done as per your needs.

Request an Upfront Estimate

This will depend on the project scope and preferences of the contractor. However, it’s advisable to request an upfront estimate. A good contractor will take time to research the cost of the required materials, calculate the time the project will take and the number of subcontractors or workers required. Be available to discuss your project with the contractor, time, and money required upfront.

Make Timely Payments as Per the Agreement

It’s your responsibility to make payments in a timely manner as per your agreement with the contractor. Don’t frustrate the contractor with late payment. Doing so will make the contractor impatient and strain your relationship with them. To avoid this, pay the contractor promptly.

Trust the Contractor

After verifying the experience level, certification, and customer references of the contractor, you have no reason not to trust them. Trusting a contractor will enable them to finish the job effectively. Therefore, avoid hovering around your jobsite or investing the contractor all the time. Doing so will slow work progress and show the contractor that you don’t have faith in their work.

Take your responsibility seriously to ensure that your contractor and you have a satisfying experience throughout your project time.