How Long Does a Custom Home Take to Build?

How long a custom home takes to build is influenced by several factors. Austen from Southwest Appliance Repair shared with us that basically, the time you need to build a custom home will be influenced by location, style, and size of the home to be designed and eventually built. Working with a company that specializes in designing and building custom homes can enhance faster completion of your home. That’s because the entire building process is handled by experts under one roof. This enhances coordination, planning, designing and eventual building. Even the finishing touches are handled by experts under the same roof. 

What Should You Do First? 

Some people fail to factor in the fact that how long a custom home takes to build includes the time taken planning, designing, and getting the necessary documentation. These should be done before actual construction starts. The process of planning a custom home building process includes assessing the building site and determining the maximum house size allowance. 

Footprint building, fulfilling zoning and permit requirements, determining the eligibility of the property for auxiliary basements or building as well as factoring details of the landscape should also be factored in. These are important planning factors that can take between two and four weeks as long as the permit office is compliant. 

Designing a custom home can take between four and eight weeks. This entails designing the home layout and floor plans according to the local bylaws. The client may get a real feel of the finished home from the presented full color 3D renderings. The design includes CAD documents development for trades like electrical, lighting, plumbing, door and window designs as well as millwork. This phase includes trades consultation and architectural design too. 

Custom Home Construction 

The time taken to build a custom home varies depending on factors like the size of a home and customizations. However, a standard custom home can take 6 to 12 months to build when planned out fully. Factors like style, material delays, and weather can also influence the duration taken to complete the project. 

To know how long your custom home will take to build, book an appointment with a reputable contractor.