What to Do When Bullied By a Contractor

If you fail to do your homework before you hire a contractor, you are likely to end up with a problematic contractor. The contractor that you hire could push you to pay more money than agreed at first. They may also react with hostility anytime you cite a problem. They can even threaten to sue you, abandon your project, or file a lien.

When the contractor confronts you with an objectionable behavior, it’s easy to feel intimidated or want to respond in an inappropriate way. But, the best way to respond to such a contractor is to respond to their aggression and hostility with reasonableness and professionalism. For instance, if the contractor yells at you, maintain your focus and composure. Argue with them rationally on the basis of what is written in your contract.

Don’t Ignore

If a contractor bullies you, don’t ignore their odd behavior. That’s because their odd behavior might be a sign of problems that will affect quality of their job. A contractor that pressures you to pay earlier than agreed may have trouble paying suppliers and subcontractors. Such a contractor can end up filing a lien against your building. Therefore, to understand the problem, talk to subcontractors in the absence of the contractor. Find out if they have been paid or they are having problems with the contractor.

Confront the Contractor

You can also ask the contractor directly why they are behaving in rude or hostile manner towards you. Maybe their rudeness or hostility doesn’t have anything to do with you. It could also be a possible misunderstanding or miscommunication.

Be positive and transparent with the contractor even if they bully you. Focus on resolving the existing issues before you consider ending the contract with a contractor.

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